Five Ways to Stay Organized in College



  1. Write things down  – I know this sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to stay organized in college is to write things down. We often like to tell ourselves, “Oh, I won’t forget that.” But with the hectic schedule of a college student, don’t rely on your memory for everything. When you hear an important event or deadline, jot it down in your phone, or go ahead and plug it into your calendar. You’ll thank yourself later!
  2. Use lists – I use lists for everything, and don’t know where I would be in my life without them! Personally, I have a daily to-do list that keeps me on track, as well as a week-view list used strictly for assignments due during the week. I also have a list on the side of my planner for the month, and I use that space for writing goals down for the month. This helps keep me accountable, and doesn’t let me forget some of the bigger things that need to get done.
  1. Make your planner your best friend – I cannot count how many times my planner has saved my life. Almost every college girl owns a planner, but make it your best friend, and use it to help keep yourself organized. Carry it with you to class, and use it to look ahead at deadlines, store your lists, and keep yourself organized!
  2. Use alarms on your phone – Okay, I know this one sounds silly, but using the alarm app on my phone has saved me numerous times! If there is one thing that I absolutely cannot forget on a given day, I set an alarm for that day to remind me of whatever it is that needs to get done. I’ve used it for several things including meeting reminders, homework deadlines that day, or errands that need to be run. Try it out, it’ll be a life saver!
  3. Use Sundays strategically- I try my best every Sunday to take time and assess my week. I look at my calendar and estimate how busy I’ll be. I look ahead and see if I have any tests, what assignments are due, sorority commitments, etc. I then go ahead and start writing out to-do lists for each day in my calendar. Normally I add onto these throughout the week, but this helps me go ahead and make weekly goals, and write them down to make sure they get done! I then make my academic to-do list with all of my assignments as well. I also try to meal prep for the week to save myself time. Hopefully these were helpful tips that will help you ladies stay organized in college!! If you have any tips you would like to share, feel free to leave them in the comment section!!

Much love,



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