The One Thing Most People Don’t Warn You About College

Once you officially graduate high school and are getting ready for college, people start to give you all sorts of advice.

I remember reading so many blog posts the summer after I graduated. Most of them started with “Dear freshman,” and continued to tell you what to expect about college. Others were lists of things you would need for your dorm.

However, after a year and a half of college, I’ve learned that a crucial part of college was never addressed in those blogs posts. Self-care. Nobody talks about the importance of integrating this into your college life, but friends, it is so SO important!

Personally, I can’t function unless I make time for myself amongst my busy schedule! I’ve learned that balancing school, extra curricular, fitness, and relationships can be quite the task. However, making time for myself has really helped me thrive in all of the areas above. Here are some things to help you take care of yourself while maintaining a busy college schedule:

  1. Start your mornings off with a substantial breakfast. My freshman roommate always used to get onto me for not eating breakfast, and she taught me the importance of fueling my body and helping me get through the mornings by eating a substantial breakfast. Now I either make a quiche at the beginning of the week that I can eat all throughout the week, or I’ll take a green drink a banana on the go with me. Find something that works for you and stay consistent!
  2. Treat yourself to a spa night!Even if it’s just putting a face mask on and letting it sit for 10 minutes while you work on homework, do it! Some nights I start getting ready for bed a little earlier than usual so I can do a face mask, put on lotion, paint my nails, and finish my skin care routine.
  3. Take a walk! I know this sounds really simple, but I have found that walks are so refreshing and allow me to clear my mind and take a break from school for a little while. Go by yourself, or grab a close girlfriend and catch up a little! Try fitting workouts into your schedule I know, I know, you don’t have time. But try going to bed just a little earlier so maybe you could get up a little bit earlier to get a workout in before hitting the day hard.
  4. Drink a bottle of water right when you wake up! This seems unecessary, but it’ll help you stay hydrated that morning, and help your body get the water it needs! Make sure to pack another bottle to drink throughout the day.
  5. Commit to getting more sleep. I’m a nine hours a night kind of girl, but I didn’t think that was possible in college. I went the first semester staying up until 1:00am a lot of nights, and by the time I was finished that semester, I realized I couldn’t keep doing it anymore. I started setting my alarm for 9:45 or 10:00pm to remind me to start getting ready for bed, and would get to bed at 10:30. This allowed me to get up at 7:30 and be super productive before classes started. Often times I will do homework in the mornings because I am more awake, refreshed, and ready to focus.
  6. Don’t live off of coffee! Seriously, you’re going to have a meltdown (if not several) if you’re relying on caffeine to get you through the semester. I know schedules get unbelievably busy and crazy, but try to not stress your body out by not eating properly and hoping that coffee will magically help you accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you learn to thrive and college and be the best version of yourself! If you have any additional tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Much love,



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