5 Ways to Make it Through the Rest of the Semester

I think all college students are struggling to find motivation to make it through the rest of the semester at this point. We feel ya. It’s difficult to finish well when you feel like you’ve been going full speed for so long now.

Here are a few tips to help you make it through the semester!


  1. Study in groups people-woman-coffee-meetingThis will help you stay focused and keep you from getting distracted. Not to mention, studying in groups often helps you retain information better! So it’s a win/win for everyone!

2. Make sure you’re making time for yourself


Things are always crazy at the end of the semester, but make sure you’re taking time for yourself amidst the chaos. Paint your nails one night, do a facial mask, take a bath, or spend a little while reading a book you’ve wanted to start all semester. Giving yourself a little breather will help you focus better when you get back to your studies.

3. Make a list of things you want to do over break 


This will give you so much more to look forward to when you get off break, and will allow you to have some time to think about the things you really want to prioritize over Christmas break!


4. Find a new favorite coffee drink to get you through the rest of the semester! coffee-cup-working-happy

This will make it a little easier to wake up in the morning, and give you something to look forward do as you count down the days until break!

5. Spend a little extra time with friends


Once you’re on break, it’ll be a while before you see your closest friends. Take some extra time to spend with your girlies, and enjoy the last bit of the semester with them!


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