Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Notorious B.I.G. was right in his song about money causing problems. If you do not understand, check out this video.  No matter your financial situation, money is always an issue.

Specifically for college-aged women, money can make an impact on how we view ourselves. Some feel the pressure to buy the trendiest clothes or being able to travel whenever and wherever. This pressure is an endless game of keeping up an image and lifestyle that drains your bank account.

Whether you care about having a costly lifestyle or not, money effects your self-image. Many people put their value in their bank accounts, instead of what really matters.

“If only, I could give enough money to the church,” or “If only, I had enough money to go on this mission trip,” are thoughts that make people feel inadequate. These thoughts are silly and inaccurate. God can still use you no matter your financial situation. He blesses us with gifts that are of much more value than dollar bills. He provides just enough so we can give and worship in our own unique way.

Do not compare the  monetary sacrifices of others to yours. God does bless people with riches here on earth for His good, but because their gifts are money it does not mean your service is invaluable.

Having your finances organized will relieve stress and  allow you be confident in your service to God. Here are some simple ways to save money so you can give back to God the way that you would like.

  1. Keep a change jar: All your coins in the bottom of your purse or in your wallet add up. Once a week, I clean out the loose change in my car, backpack, and wallet. Over time this money adds up.
  2. Cook at home: Eating out not only blows your budget, but it is less healthy.  If you do not know how to cook, Pinterest is your friend for easy recipes. Crockpots not only save you money, but it saves time.
  3. Student Discounts: Most college towns have restaurants and stores that give a college-student discount. Always ask when you are spending because most places do not advertise their discounts. Check out this list for places that accept student discounts.
  4. Carpool: Save money on gas when you visit home or go out by traveling with your friends. Most college communities have “Ride boards” where people can find rides either for free or a small fee.
  5. Keep track of spending: In order to save your money, you need to know where you are spending it. Look through your bank statement and make a list of where you are spending the most money. Once you locate your largest expenses, it will be easier fro you to decided where you need to cut your spending.

Once you know how to successfully manage your money and put it in to practice, you can use this skill for the rest of your life. It will save you stress now and in the future. What are ways you save money?



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