Word of the Week: Jealousy

Jealousy. Unfortunately, this a word that we females are far too familiar with. I wanted to address this subject specifically this week, because I have seen it steal too much joy from the women around me.

Jealousy wrecks friendships.

Jealousy leaves no room for joy.

Jealousy causes us to give up far too easily.

When we focus on being jealous of others, we shift the focus off of growing and improving ourselves. We begin to lose self-confidence in ourselves, and doubt our own abilities.

Let me tell you something sweet friends. Social media can be deceiving. Sometimes it’s the farthest thing from the truth. Those perfectly curated Instagram accounts are just the HIGHLIGHTS of someone’s life. I can promise you that they are struggling just as much as you. They fail, make mistakes, get upset, have bad days, and even get jealous just like the rest of us.

One thing I think is so important though is to look to those who might be more successful than us in whatever way that might be, and celebrate WITH them. Someone’s success shouldn’t immediately be a trigger for jealousy. Instead, we should look at them and see an opportunity to rejoice WITH them.

It should make us excited to see other individuals reaching their goals and dreams. It’s selfish to tell ourselves that we can only be happy or content when things are going our way. That’s immature and just plain unfair to those around us.

So the next time you come across a photo on social media that causes you to become jealous, stop yourself.

Think about how much they have accomplished.

Think about what they have sacrificed to get there, and how much work they have put in to reach their goal or dream.

Instead of rolling your eyes and continuing to scroll, take the time to comment your excitement. Celebrate with them. You know how much affirmation means to a girl. Take time to celebrate their success with them, and encourage yourself to keep going, no matter how far along you may be in accomplishing your goals or dreams.

Much love,



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