Word of the Week: Wait

“Good things come to those who wait.” That’s how the saying goes, but some days I just don’t buy it. I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting. I’m the type of person who wants to know all the facts, all the plans, and I want to know them now. Can anyone else relate?

Waiting can be hard, especially when it concerns an issue that is particularly important to us. Sometimes, however, waiting is the only option we have.

As Christians, we bring our requests, problems, and decisions before God and ask Him for direction. We know to turn to God in any situation, and we know that He will always give us an answer to our prayers; but often we get so caught up in searching for a “yes” or a “no” answer, that we don’t consider the possibility that the answer we were given is actually “wait.”

Recently, I’ve had several areas in my life where I’ve brought a problem or a situation before God and the answer He gave me in return was “wait.” It almost felt like a cycle: I pray, I listen, and I wait – no answer; I start the process all over. I began to get discouraged because I felt like I kept praying and kept seeking God’s will for my life in these areas specifically and no matter how much I prayed, I didn’t get an answer.

I was wrong. I did get an answer. At first, I didn’t realize the Lord had answered my prayers because I kept looking for and expecting a “yes” or a “no.” I was so set on getting a definitive answer from God that I missed the answer He had already given me. God wanted me to wait.

It seems like waiting should be so simple. You literally do nothing but pray, trust God, and well, wait. But for me, waiting brought its own set of struggles. I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with my situation. I wanted a real answer, and I wanted it immediately.

We all go through waiting periods in life. We wait for an answer to a decision we have to make, for a job opportunity, for a better option – for the right option.

We wait on that guy to ask us out, we wait for the guy to come into our lives. We wait for solutions to financial difficulties, stressful situations, and problems that we’re facing.

Whatever it is you are waiting on, you’re not alone. We all go through the struggle of waiting for various things throughout our lives, and it can be so hard sometimes, but that doesn’t make waiting bad.

I think sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with our “wait” situations. I know for me, it is easy to feel as though I’m waiting on something because I don’t deserve to have what I’m waiting for. It’s easy to feel like I don’t have a definitive answer yet because I’m not good enough to get one. But none of that is true.

God doesn’t make us wait for something because we aren’t worth it, but rather, He tells us to wait because we are worth it. We are valuable. We matter. And because God sees our worth, He doesn’t want us to settle for mediocre, but instead, wants us to have His best for us – whatever that may be.

We wait because God has something better to offer us – whether thats a better option, a better solution, or better timing. Ultimately, we have to remember that God’s plan is far greater than our own. We don’t always know what God’s plan is for us, or even the next step in His plan for our lives, but we can trust that it’s a good one.

God said wait. So wait I did. And you know what? I’m still waiting. It’s been a challenge but I’ve learned a lot and grown so much in my faith.

If we let Him, God will grow us through the wait. We can become stronger, draw closer to God, and increase in our faith when we are willing to sit back and wait.

Waiting can be a struggle, but the wait makes the answer that much sweeter.

With love,




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