Healthy Lifestyle and Self-Image

When you think of what a healthy lifestyle is, many things may come to mind. Running, meditation, and dieting are the main components that I think of. All of these are important parts to having a healthy lifestyle, but it may be effecting your self-image.

Let’s take a look at your motives.

Why do you run? Why do you meditate? Why are you dieting?

I can answer these questions for you based on my experiences.

As an athlete, I was always motivated to run because I needed to in order to be prepared for my sport. Now that my athletic career is over, I have began to run in order to keep my body healthy. I began to have negative feelings about myself when I missed a workout. I felt that I had to workout in order to have the body image I used to have.

Meditating for me is spending time with the Lord. I believe this is necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. As much as I exercise my body, I need to exercise my mind. It is important to me to spend time in a devotion with God. When I begin to slack in spending time with the Lord, I begin to compare myself to other Christian women around me and critique myself.  I think that I am not as good of a Christian if I am not as motivated. I found that praying for strength from God helps me. I cannot grow in my faith on my own. Refer to our last blog post on how I feel about the power of prayer.

Because of the heavy amount of exercise that I used to be involved in, I never had to worry about eating healthy. I could eat an unlimited amount of calories, and I would not see the consequences. Now, I have to watch what I am putting into my body. If I go several days without paying attention, I feel gross about myself. I am motivated to eat healthy so I have what I believe is a good healthy image.

My motives for having a healthy lifestyle can negatively effective my self-image. No matter how hard you try, being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle will effect your self-image. It is easy to be caught up in making your body into the perfect image you have always wanted.

In order to not let your healthy lifestyle negatively effect your self-image, you need to have support. The relationship you have with God will help you stay focused on positive thoughts. Also, have a support system of friends and family. If you are honest with your support system about your thoughts, they will help you and pick you up when you are struggling.


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